Branded Paper Cups – the missing part of your business

Hey there, it is been a while since we publish something that it is for all of you – the business people, the entrepreneurs and the CEOs. Today we want to cover something that we found very interesting and useful in the wide field of advertising – Branded Paper Cups.

In truth we were told by one of the best branding sites out there for this opportunity – (check them here -> , you will love their designs and work for sure). Branded paper cups are great way to advertise to your direct clients, your work partners and even for gifts to your employee. The keyword here is broad and mass awareness. Almost all of you use cups – paper or plastic (they have plastic ads too) and all of you usually drinks coffee or tea, so it is great way to slap your brand on a paper or plastic cup, so all people can spot it, right?

If you are CEO, entrepreneur of a beverage company this is a must have tool for advertising. Yes, we know it is modern to use platforms like Google, Facebook, Tweeter, but in this case it is probably not a good idea. This channel for advertising is great for e-commerce or leads, but they are not efficient for branding (especially if you are a beverage company). And yes we know it is a paper cup, but still in large quantities every day – it is an amazing tool for advertising.

We ask – the leading cup design and maker to reveal some secrets about this hidden gem. They were happy to share some of the steps that you have to make to make sure that this kind of advertising is perfect for you next big campaign.

  1. Plan your creative with us and see different views of the cups. – yes the design may look amazing on the picture but in reality it may be not so great.
  2. Be sure that you plan your quantity very good – you have to plan you purchase, if your campaign is limited in time, you must plan twice as careful. If you order way to much you lose money, if you order little … you lose potential money and clients.
  3. Content is king, have a flow up plan. Client sees the logo on the cup and what happens then? You have to have plan!

This is our take on branded paper cups for now, stay tuned for more!

Professional Oven Cleaning in UK.

Hello and welcome again! Today we will cover one of the most frustrating cleaning part of any home – the oven! So let’s begin!

We all use our oven to cook delicious meals for us, our family and friends and so on… The negative part comes when we need to clean that oven. No doubt this is one of the most frustrating and had thing to do In terms of cleaning part of our homes. VIP Services provided by VIP Cleaning London –leading cleaning firm in UK will help you to clean your home, your oven, your carpet and kitchen as a hole.

One of the best things in terms of these kinds of services is that it is performed when you are not at home – you still go to work and this company work while you are at work.

Other services, that include oven cleaning is the end of tenancy cleaning. This is useful service for those of you that had rent an apartment or house and you need to move to your own house or other rental apartment.

We strongly recommend you to take advantage of regular cleaning services of this company – you may get discount and you will provide them with schedule that you want your home to be cleaned.

The Oven cleaning yet is the hardest thing to clean; even carpet is way easier and more likely to do it yourself. For cleaning your own oven you need a dozen of cleaning detergents, gloves, mask and glasses and so on. Most of these cleaning detergents are highly toxic and unsaved to unprofessional and we strongly recommend leaving this cleaning to the VIP Cleaning London – this company if highly skilled and you will be amazed of the magic that they will do to your home – oven, carpet and their other services.

In conclusion after calling these guys take a day off of cleaning and spend more time with your family and friends. One of the benefits is that, yes you pay for it, but be sure that they will do better job then you and way faster than you.

Thanks for reading this useful article, we hope to take advantage of these kinds of services and free some time for your loved ones. It is worth it, right?

All best!

Clean your carpet with “Carpet Clean London”!

Every home has to be clean and fresh. We as owners must take care of it daily, as one of the most important factors for being our property pleasant to live is the clean carpet! If we keep it in a good condition and often wash it, our mission as housekeepers will be successful. But isn’t too hard for each of us to clean the carpet single-handed all the time? Are the cleaning companies able to do this for us and to give us a leg up in this labour-intensive undertaking? And what will the price we must pay for?

carpet cleaning

Of course you can transfer the whole responsibility upon professional cleaners who will provide you with a clean carpet in short terms! No need of asking – everybody dreams not to clean its dirty carpet or the stained upholstery anymore… Due to the nature of these furniture elements, they are ranked as one of the most difficult to maintain things in every home and nobody wants to deal with them! If we had the chance just to call somebody to clean them for us, wouldn’t we do it?

If you are looking for cheap carpet cleaning services to take advantage of, note that “Carpet Clean London” is your rescue when you have no time to clean your carpet, or just do not want to do it! Call them now and enjoy your free of spots floor coverings of textile and upholstery as well. Plan your day without having the commitment to clean and use your free time for more pleasant activities than the tiring cleaning…

All the services of “Carpet Clean London” are provided by a team of professionals who knows how to “fight” with the dirt difficult to clean, annoying dust, and banal spots that seem to have no end! And you will already have a powerful weapon in your hands that to use at any time – the cleaning companies. They are like real saviors for every housewife she’s sick and tired of cleaning the home. And for that reason, you must use them – leave the black work of someone else and be smart. Live is not given to us to clean all time, we have to enjoy it in the best way possible and that definitely doesn’t include the cleaning… There are specialized companies that are ready to clean FOR YOU your carpet, whatever you want, any time you need during the week! Call “Carpet Clean London” and get the cleanest carpet you’ve ever had!

What is hiding your address?

Each of us has an address. Sometimes we change it, but still we have a place where to live. It does not matter whether we are owners or just tenants – to go home after work is priceless and we must take care of our house/apartment well!

Do you know that actually the address may tell you things that you have not even imagine? Are you informed that by typing the exact location of someone, in the right place, you will understand facts that will reveal many truths…? Like a sales prices, phone numbers or even personal information about some person? It sound surprisingly, but yes, you can do all that only with one simple address!


There is an online service called reverse address lookup that will give you easy access to very important and useful information by using only the address of someone. Of course, this service is not free of charge, but if you really want to get know someone in details, take advantage of it and do not save money. Because the more you know about the property you live in or someone else lives, the better for you! Many times we are wondering if our relatives have mortgage or other loans that they are hiding from us… They do not want to tell us, but we suspect something and curiosity does not give us peace. Learn everything you are interested in and use CheckThem! The best online service for providing of detailed information for persons, names, properties etc. If you are ready to know everything, go ahead and use – the truth is waiting for you…

Some of you probably will say that all that information is too much for most of us. To know everything for everyone is not only burdening, but also not as useful as we think. But when it comes to our safety and calmness, nothing is too much! We have to use all the resources we have, as well as to take advantage of online services like CheckThem to be aware what it is happening. The address is very important detail of our personal data – it means that we are not homeless, as well as that have property for which we pay every month, that we renting, or none of this. Our situation is clear, but what about your neighbor, boss or even beloved one? Are they honest with you? Is there something you have to worry about, or all the doubts are just a figment of your imagination?

Just check with!

Why to go to Bulgaria this summer?

Summer is our favorite season. Not only because of the many opportunities for having fun, but due to the many travel deals for holidays at sea too… Whenever you click, will see budget-friendly hotel offers, lots of amazing tourist programs and some beautiful picturies of unknown destinations inviting you to go there and to explore them! – Sounds very familiar, isn’t?

If you love the summer season too, if you do not want the winter to come and even are ready to go somewhere for a month just to extend the summer season, then you are a real holiday lover! We are sure that you can and will do all that we have mentioned and we fully understand you! Because we would do all that too and today are going to advise which destinations to visit in order to enjoy a hot summer in September!

Go to Bulgaria – the land of aromatic roses and nice people. A land of picturesque nature, breathtaking sunsets and many old villages that will take you into another world. The place where you can go for ski, where you can have an excellent family vacation somewhere along the Black Sea coast and where you can get inspired just by watching in the distance…

Today we want to pay attention to the summer tourism in Bulgaria, because the season is far from its end and people from all over the world continue visiting this country. Note that you are able to spend a fulfilling family/solo holiday in Bulgaria till the end of September/mid-October! – Very long tourist season, right?

st. vlas

The first place we would like to present today is St. Vlas (st vlas holidays) – one of the most visited and attractive summer resorts along the Black Sea coast. The place where you can have fun, relax on the beach and to bust a move in some disco after dinner. This is the European sea resort that will impress you with its luxury hotels, impressing Yacht port and beautiful boats located there. Go there if you want the touch the “shiny” life in Bulgaria and take lots of photos!

St. Vlas has very nice location. You can found the city in southeastern Bulgaria, as the amazing combination of nature, sea and mountain make this place for being one of the most preferred Bulgarian summer destination! If you choose St. Vlas for your yearly family vacation will be able to enjoy peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Near the city is located the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, so visit it and see what a dynamic life means!

Since we have mentioned the mountains of Bulgaria, would like to tell you more about them and why you can have a perfect summer vacation there! Even that you won’t be able to go to the beach when in some of the Bulgarian mountains, will have many more opportunities for relaxation and having fun as well! Learn what they are and stay here!

Click here for more info: – Bulgaria

The first thing you have to know when it comes to summer holidays among the nature is that these types of vacations will give you quite different sensation! You can breathe fresh air; you can see many remarkable small villages and in addition – will have the chance to touch the history of Bulgaria! Have in mind that in almost every mountain town there are lots of cultural sights that will strongly impress you. And if you’re curious and inquisitive to learn more about Bulgaria and to see the best of the country as well, forget about the sea and go right to the mountains of Bulgaria!

One of the most beautiful mountains in this lovely land is Rhodope Mountains! Rich in many fairy lakes, rivers, mysterious eco-paths and ancient villages, this area will make you feel like you’re in paradise! Do not forget about the caves… In Rhodope Mountains they are just as many as the stunning landscapes and sights. Visit some of them and find a real pleasure while walking through the tunnels of the caves. For example, you can visit the Yagodina cave that is located in the Village of Yagodina – an amazing place for you to go!

dospat dam lake

If you love the dams and more than everything love to watch them and even to ride a boat on the dam, visit Dospat dam that is one of the biggest ponds of this type in Bulgaria! There are many cozy villas where you can stay surrounded by picturesque nature, dense forests and breathtaking views of the majestic hills! Note that near Dospat dam there is a long eco-path you can explore and that will take you to the top of the mountain from where you can watch the village and the dam as well. Be sure that you have never seen such a view so far. Enjoy it!

Back to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria there is the biggest resort of Bulgaria – Sunny Beach resort! – The most dynamic, the most attractive summer resort and the center of the night life too! Yes, this is what we can say about Sunny Beach resort! There you can book a great hotel, can dine in good restaurants and to have fun in some modern night bar! There you can do whatever you want and even more. You can do things you have never imagined that even exist… Welcome in Sunny Beach resort – the hottest spot in Bulgaria!

Visit Sunny Beach –!

If you want to visit the mountain during the winter season but now to fully enjoy the hot summer, we highly recommend you to go to Sunny Beach resort! There is cheap, there are many great accommodations and friendly people. There you can have the perfect family vacation, as if you are on a holiday with your kids, note that there are many entertainments especially for them! They will spend a funny time while in Sunny Beach, as you will be the best parent for them in all cases!

Sunny Beach is the best summer resort according to many independent rakings. From the variety of hotels to the low prices, Sunny Beach resort offers all that every tourist may want. The food is testy, the customer service is excellent, while the ways of entertainments as just as many as the hotels! Enjoy Sunny Beach and hurry up!

Enjoy the magnificent Bulgaria!

If you do not have a NEXUS card, what are you waiting for? Just apply today and be always okay!

Now is the season of travels. Everyone packs-up and hit the road to some beautiful destination, as some of us even to an unknown place… If you have adventurous spirit and would like to explore the world, as well as to see as many as possible sights and destinations, you must have a passport! – Without it, you won’t be able to travel anywhere abroad…

So it is completely normal before to hit the road, you to issue all the documents required when it comes down to visiting of foreign countries and long trips abroad. This must be even the first step taken, so that to continue planning your journey calmly – without worries regarding the documentation and without unnecessary rush!

Canada application of NEXUS

But sometimes, you want to travel faster than the previous times and in this sense you have to do everything possible to organize well your movement. We mean that you have to find out some way that will provide you with fast crossing the border – but only if it is possible!

Canada and the U.S. are the countries that have a great location (you know that) and for that reason you can visit them every time you need and want. You can travel to the next one one by air, by boat and by air and by using a NEXUS card! Yes, the last one is the way of traveling we highly recommend our readers, every time when we discuss the topic for tourism and travels as well. So, hurry up and apply if you do not have this amazing card!

The NEXUS program is a trusted program specially designed for the travels who want to escape for a while or for a long time to Canada and the U.S, as the main requirement for you to get an approval is the absence of a criminal record. If you meet this condition and think that are suitable to become a member of the NEXUS program, just fill-in the application form, send it and enjoy your NEXUS card!

Everyone who is using the NEXUS program is a happy traveler. He travel many times a year to some of the above mentioned lands with the greatest pleasure – without long waiting on the border, without wasted time for nothing and with a good mood!

Be first for a customs check and apply today! Let’s your next trip be perfect and do not waste more time waiting at the airport… You do not need this, you need a NEXUS card. Go and get it!!

Bansko – your next ski destination!

Summer is here. – Finally! It is the season of entertainments when we go to the beach for having the next dose of summer emotions! Together with that, this is the time when all families with small or not so small kids go to holiday in order to escape from the busy daily round and to pay attention to each other… Because every summer vacation is the best time for you to do that, especially if you have busy schedule during the rest of the year!

Well, since we are crazy about all kinds of vacations, couldn’t miss the winter ones… Yes, probably you think that now it’s not the time to talk about them, because outside is hot and nobody is thinking about skiing or something. But in fact, you can you book your ski vacation even now in order to get some really amazing discounts (early bookings), as well to be calm that your family holiday on the mountain is organized and you are done with this!

Go to the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer season is gone and when you need fresh air and relaxation among the nature… Choose some of its gorgeous ski resorts (like Ski Bansko) and book a hotel room for your family. We think that if every of us book its ski vacation on time (before the peak season), will have more time for preparations and other important procedures as well.

Since we have mentioned the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko, it will be good to continue our article by telling you why you have to go there this winter and why your vacation will be one of the most unforgettable you have ever had – if you accept our proposal!

And so, the first thing you should know about the ski resort of Bansko is that it is beautiful, modern and well-developed for mountain tourism and skiing. The second thing you must never forget is that Bansko is very cheap and providing its guests with quality and varied services. In another hand, the resort is also perfect for family vacations, so if you have kids and would like to take them to some amazing place where to have lots of fun among the snow, Bansko will be the best option you have ever had!

If you love the snow, as well as to ski in the mountain – go to Bansko.

If you are looking for good travel deals and attractive discounts – go to Bansko.

If you need relaxation and more time with your beloved ones – well, go to Bansko!

To have a sunny summer and go to Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria!

We know that without traveling, life never be the same… We think that everyone has to travel frequently or at least every time when he has this chance! If we use every free moment to visit some beautiful place, be sure that life will be much better – yours, ours and that of all people around the world!

Change your life and start exploring the world. And if you are wondering from where to start your round trip, we advise you to go first to Europe… But isn’t Europe too large for us to visit all countries and to explore them all? Isn’t better to visit just one place during our vacation and to fully enjoy it?

People have different visions when it comes to travels and holidays. The different people need different things when it comes to spending of their leave of absence and that’s why there are many different tourist offers as well.

We can advise you to visit first Bulgaria. This is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and if you are seeking for a place where to spend your summer vacation in the best way possible (beach, entertainments, establishments, quality and people), Bulgaria is the perfect place for you!!

Since it’s summer, each of us is looking for some sea resort where to enjoy the sea and the bright sun as well. Together with that, if you are keen on the night life and love to bust a move in the club, you should not only visit Bulgaria, but the amazing Sunny Beach resort too! This place will provide you with the summer vacation of your dreams and in addition will show you that you can have everything for less…

Do not believe? – Well, just go to Sunny Beach or learn more about this lovely resort here!

In Sunny Beach there are many hotels, restaurants and night clubs. There you can also find numerous entertainments and attractions that to make your stay really exciting. And if you’re looking for budget-friendly deals, as well as comfort and lots of fun, Sunny Beach resort must be on the top of your list!

Your holiday in Sunny Beach will be an unforgettable experience especially if you know how to have fun. Since this Bulgarian summer resort is the hottest spot along the Black Sea coast, many people visit it just to feel its incredible atmosphere, as more often the same people are young tourists.

Have a lovely summer and go to Sunny Beach!

The winter resorts of Bulgaria – which they are?

Bulgaria is a wonderful land. There you can enjoy the amazing nature, as well to visit lots of beautiful cities and villages. If you have been there and even often go to Bulgaria because you think that it is perfect for all kind of holidays, just stop reading. But if you are looking for your next winter destination and consider the possibility to spend your ski vacation in Bulgaria, stay here and learn what options you have!

If you really want to visit the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer is over and when it is time to ski, see how many suitable winter resorts there are and get informed if you will be able to spend a fulfilling holiday there! If you are curious and love to make researches before to do whatever it is, this article is just for you – interesting, giving you information about different holiday destinations and together with that inspiring you before to hit the road!!

Okay, now it’s time to tell you something about the top three of the most visited and attractive ski resorts in Bulgaria – Pamporovo, Bansko and the amazing Borovets! They are highly-developed, they are very beautiful and in the same time are very cheap ski destinations. All fans of skiing can spend an unforgettable ski holiday in any of the listed above Bulgarian winter resorts… Each of them has many ski runs, excellent ski schools and a long list of comfortable hotels offering great travel deals! So, the first you can do when the summer season is at its end (or even tomorrow) is to choice a nice hotel and to enjoy the snowy fairytale of Bansko, Pamporovo or Borovets

Take some time to watch the amazing views around the resort. They will take your breath away and you will want to take hundreds of photos – all the time and everywhere in the mountain! In addition, you can practice hiking or other exciting mountain sports – of course, if the weather conditions allow! These activities (incl. skiing) will rise your adrenaline and will make you feel relaxed and filled with lots of positive energy. Enjoy all this!

If you want to be prepared for the next ski season, do not forget what you have learned today. Always remember Bankso, Pamporovo and Bansko – they are amazing winter resorts that worth visiting! Visit them during the next winter and explore the gorgeous mountains of Bulgaria – they are very picturesque and beautiful!

See where has to be your next summer vacation!

Do you like to go to beach and to enjoy the sea breeze? Do you love to do that during the summer season when the sun is shining and you can feel it on your skin… Do you love the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves? Tell us; are you impatience finally to hit the road to some amazing summer resort?

If you love the summer holidays as much as you love the good food or the entertainments, then surely you must stay here… Today, we are going to tell you where you can spend the best and most pleasant vacation ever! We do not have any patience (just like you) to share with you where is one of the most beautiful and suitable for both solo and family travels sea destination.

Well, this place is called Golden Sands resort and you fill find it in Bulgaria – a land of roses and… amazing summer resorts!

Stay here and see more info about it, as well as learn why you have to take more time to enjoy and explore Golden Sands resort. Get informed what to expect when visiting this wonderful place and why every penny spend will be worth.

The difference between Golden Sands and the other summer resorts in Bulgaria is that this place is combining both great beach and picturesque nature… And if you are no quite sure if to go to the mountain to enjoy the fresh air and abounding the greenery, or to spend a week in some attractive summer resorts, stop wondering and visit Golden Sands! There you can have a relaxation, but in the same time will have many unforgettable and exciting moments.

Do not think that in Golden Sands there are not varied entertainments or places where to go for having fun! Do not think that only Sunny Beach is the place that can provide you with the dreamed summer vacation… Golden Sands is also very popular among the families with children summer destination due to the pleasant environment, beautiful nature and excellent beach life!

Your kids will be more than happy in Golden Sands. They will have lots of fun, because in the resort there are many entertainments for children that will make their vacation interesting and exceptionally funny!

Hotels and restaurants in Golden Sand are very good too. And you will be also surprised by the low prices, by the good service and by the excellent quality! Just enjoy them ;). Go to this majestic place this summer and do not hesitate at all – you won’t regret!

Bulgaria – beautiful, charming and cheap…

What can we do in case we do not have high incomes but would like to go on a holiday this summer? Should we say “no” to the summer recreation just because we are no able to spend lots of money? And if we are trying to find the perfect, inexpensive destination where to take our family – where to start searching?

Most of people work all year, take care of their children and pay monthly bills… They hope to save some money for the summer season in order to enjoy one-week holiday at sea. And if for some people this is not difficult at all, for others it is a mission impossible!

Make your dreams come true and visit Bulgaria beautiful, charming and cheap… Organize your family vacation there and forget about all the bills, all the problems and worries. In this land there are many amazing summer resorts where you can stay for less and even for more than just a week!

Sunnny Beach resort, Golden Sands, Nessebar, Sozopol and many other stunning places make Bulgaria for being one of the leading summer destinations in Europe. All these sea resorts are cheap, family-friendly, budget-friendly providing perfect conditions for having lots of fun and relaxation.

On the other hand, the Black Sea coast is simply amazing and highly will impress you with its picturesque coastline, as the sunsets over the sea will take you breath away! This is the main reason why Bulgaria is also preferred destination for romantic getaways and desired place for couples in love…

Depending to your personal preferences, you will have the freedom to choose the resort that will meet your needs. If you love the dynamic atmosphere and need more of exciting emotions, visit Sunny Beach – the biggest sea resort in Bulgaria and the most famous when it comes to night life!

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the crowds and are looking for secluded and peaceful place, Sozopol or Nessebar have to be on the top of your list. Both cities are romantic, picturesque, beautiful and ancient! Being on holiday there, you will have the rare opportunity to touch the distant past and to see many sights that are hundreds of years old!! Sounds great, isn’t?

Of course, in Bulgaria there are many other places that worth seeing… For example, you can find coolness in the hot summer days by visiting some of the mountain resort in the country. If you love the nature and would like to be in a close contact with it, a summer holiday in the mountains of Bulgaria might be very good idea. Enjoy!

Wondering where to go this summer? See here our proposal!

There are too many holiday destinations, too many attractive beach resorts and too many great travel deals for you to go or to take advantage of! So, in view of all this, invariably comes the question that every holiday maker is asking – “Where to spend my summer vacation?”…

We are crazy about trips and holidays, we know the European destinations and are well-informed about most of them as well. Though, every time when we have to decide where to go for a week or more, are faced with very difficult choice! As we said, places in Europe that worth be visited are so many and so varied, that not a few times we have met serious difficulties with the choice of holiday destination!

Holidays in Bulgaria

In this case, we have several basic rules we follow, so that to make easier our decision regarding a sea destination… See which they are and which one of the best in our opinion holiday destination in Europe for any kind of vacations (solo, family, with friend etc.) is!

The first rule that we consider is even the most important is the presence of a gorgeous beach! Still, every summer vacation is related to many positive emotions just at the beach, right? And in this train of thoughts, we highly recommend you to visit the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria! There you will find amazing summer resorts and will enjoy exciting night life. For example, the most popular sea resort in Bulgaria when it comes to having fun is Sunny Beach resort… Probably you know it, probably no, but that actually doesn’t matter at all. Go there this summer and try all that this incredible resort offers!

The second rule we are following when choosing a holiday destination is the visited resort/place to be surrounded by beautiful nature… Now you are going to say that it is impossible around the sea resort to be found a nature, but you are wrong! In fact, there are many destinations that are hiding not only great beaches, but picturesque nature too! Golden Sands resort is one of them and you will find it again in Bulgaria… If you love the nature, but in the same time need to feel the beach life during the summer season, organize your family vacation in Golden Sands resort!!

The third rule we never forget before to pack up, is to visit such a place that is romantic and that will impress us with powerful energy! We all need a relaxation and if we try to find a destination that to allow us to forget about the daily round, it will be more than perfect! Nessebar in Sozopol are the cities in Bulgaria you have to visit even once in your life! They are beautiful, romantic and will give you the chance to feel the spirit of the past with its numerous cultural and historical sights. Enjoy them!

Family or solo trip? See the amazing country of Bulgaria!

Family or solo travel – everybody wants the best when it comes down to summer holidays… And that is completely normally considering the fact that we are waiting for the yearly break at sea during the all winter! We all are impatience to pack up and to hit the road to the dreamed destination, so if we do not receive what we have expected (and have paid), it will be very disappointing…

There is a place that never will disappoint you and that is the magnificent country of Bulgaria (visit TravelPointOnline for more)! Wherever you go in this lovely land and whichever resort to visit, be sure that you will spend a fulfilling holiday with your family, or a solo trip! Bulgaria is one of the most visited and highly developed for any kind of tourism holiday destination, so except the dozens summer resorts, you will also find several great winter ones.

But today, we would like pay attention more on the summer destinations in Bulgaria and to tell you which one is the perfect for your family vacation as well. Have in mind that in the country there is not just one suitable place that is suitable for all the families with kids, but even several. So, stay here and learn which they are!

Most famous summer resort in the county and along the Black Seas coast is Sunny Beach resort. It is the biggest resort in Bulgaria and every year it welcomes millions of tourist from all over the world… It is popular as the hottest spot in Europe due to the proverbial night life and the numerous establishments where every holidaymaker can have lots of fun after the sun goes down… You have probably heard about the Bulgarian folklore music and the incredibly delicious food that all the restaurants offer, so go there and enjoy both of them!

Golden Sands resort is the other place in Bulgaria we love so much, because it is little bit different than the other summer resorts due to several reasons: the amazing nature, the powerful energy and the family-friendly conditions! Every summer holiday there will be memorable and filled with hundreds of unforgettable moments, especially for your kids…

Have also in mind that in Golden Sands there is an amazing amusement park where your children will be able to have fun all day long, while you and your half will be free to take more time to each other… – Sounds great, how do you think?

Romantic, beautiful and… cheap! See the amazing city of Dubrovnik!

There are several important factors to be your summer holiday fulfilling and unforgettable – nice beach, good hotels and suitable conditions for having fun! Together with that, if the destination you are visiting is cheap and offers attractive travel deals, then it can be said that your vacation will be even perfect!

But to find such a place/resort is not as easy as you think… The holiday destinations in Europe are hundreds and every of them “advertises” its summer resorts as cheap and most advantageous among the others. So, how to decide where to go and how to be sure that if we visit some summer destination, it will be just that one we have expected?

Trust our long experience and visit the amazing city of Dubrovnik in Croatia! This is the place that combines all the important factors for a perfect holiday we have mentioned above…

It is not only suitable for a pleasant, family holiday, but is also one of the most romantic places we have ever seen! The old city of Dubrovnik is the heart of the town where you can enjoy incredible sights and many other lovely landmarks that literally will take your breath away…

What would be your vacation in Dubrovnik if you miss the chance to visit the city walls? – Incomplete? – Or vain?

Well, to go to Dubrovnik without seeing the fortified walls can be compared with a summer vacation without visiting the beach… It is the same and probably you will agree with us?

So, take some time and make a long walk along the amazing city walls of Dubrovnik that in the past have served against attacks by sea! They are well-preserved till today and are impressing attraction for the millions holidaymakers who visit this charming city… Enjoy them!

Other enchanting sights for you to see during your stay in Dubrovnik are the marble streets that will simply amaze you. You will find them in the old town as the main, pedestrian street is called Stradun and starts with beautiful, old monastery… By walking down the street, you will be able to enjoy many impressing buildings with incredible architecture, as at its end you will find a magnificent square.

In Dubrovnik there are several amazing strongholds that you should see… Some of them are located outside the city walls, but nevertheless, they are close by and you do not have to miss the chance to see them! Feel the spirit of the distant past and let its beauty to take you into another world…

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What you have to know about cleaning – end of tenany.

End of tenancy doesn’t mean end of the cleaning too… Just the contrary – when you leave the home where you have lived so far, you have the hard task to clean it and to give it to the owner/landlord as it was before… But do we have the time to deal with detailed cleaning when moving? And it is necessary to do it at all? Still, the next tenants may clean the lodging instead us… And, yes, the last one is possible but who will let you leave just like that?celso-cleaning-cleaningday

Well, if you really want to get back your deposit in full, as well as to shake your hands with the apartment’s owner without problems and negative feelings, to clean the home from which you are moving out has to be on the top of your list. Together with the packing of your luggage, you have to find some time to clean your ex-home and meanwhile to make ready for leaving the new one! – Sounds difficult, right?

Do not get us wrong – we do not want to despair you by telling you all that… We wrote this article because would like to help you in this important moment of your life (moving out from one property into another). And we have and excellent decision for you – hire a cleaning company that may clean not only your old apartment, but the new one too! Take advantage of the end of tenancy cleaning service and become of the happy tenants who do not waste its time with unnecessary activities…

If you have never used some of the home services that the professional cleaners offer, the time when you are changing your home is more than perfect to try them. And if you take our advice (to hire a professional cleaning company), you will be pleasantly surprised and very, very happy! Thus, you will save lots of time and your schedule will not be so busy, while most of your commitments will fall away. Think about that…

For all family people, every moving is very unpleasant period because they have to think about so many things and must cope with numerous important tasks. And how they can find a time to clean its previous home, when the new one in which they have to move also needs a cleaning? – Very easy… If they call some cleaning company like “Cleaning Day” in London, the cleaning of the old or new apartment will be easily as with a magic wand.