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Bansko – your next ski destination!

Summer is here. – Finally! It is the season of entertainments when we go to the beach for having the next dose of summer emotions! Together with that, this is the time when all families with small or not so small kids go to holiday in order to escape from the busy daily round and to pay attention to each other… Because every summer vacation is the best time for you to do that, especially if you have busy schedule during the rest of the year!

Well, since we are crazy about all kinds of vacations, couldn’t miss the winter ones… Yes, probably you think that now it’s not the time to talk about them, because outside is hot and nobody is thinking about skiing or something. But in fact, you can you book your ski vacation even now in order to get some really amazing discounts (early bookings), as well to be calm that your family holiday on the mountain is organized and you are done with this!

Go to the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer season is gone and when you need fresh air and relaxation among the nature… Choose some of its gorgeous ski resorts (like Ski Bansko) and book a hotel room for your family. We think that if every of us book its ski vacation on time (before the peak season), will have more time for preparations and other important procedures as well.

Since we have mentioned the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko, it will be good to continue our article by telling you why you have to go there this winter and why your vacation will be one of the most unforgettable you have ever had – if you accept our proposal!

And so, the first thing you should know about the ski resort of Bansko is that it is beautiful, modern and well-developed for mountain tourism and skiing. The second thing you must never forget is that Bansko is very cheap and providing its guests with quality and varied services. In another hand, the resort is also perfect for family vacations, so if you have kids and would like to take them to some amazing place where to have lots of fun among the snow, Bansko will be the best option you have ever had!

If you love the snow, as well as to ski in the mountain – go to Bansko.

If you are looking for good travel deals and attractive discounts – go to Bansko.

If you need relaxation and more time with your beloved ones – well, go to Bansko!

To have a sunny summer and go to Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria!

We know that without traveling, life never be the same… We think that everyone has to travel frequently or at least every time when he has this chance! If we use every free moment to visit some beautiful place, be sure that life will be much better – yours, ours and that of all people around the world!

Change your life and start exploring the world. And if you are wondering from where to start your round trip, we advise you to go first to Europe… But isn’t Europe too large for us to visit all countries and to explore them all? Isn’t better to visit just one place during our vacation and to fully enjoy it?

People have different visions when it comes to travels and holidays. The different people need different things when it comes to spending of their leave of absence and that’s why there are many different tourist offers as well.

We can advise you to visit first Bulgaria. This is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and if you are seeking for a place where to spend your summer vacation in the best way possible (beach, entertainments, establishments, quality and people), Bulgaria is the perfect place for you!!

Since it’s summer, each of us is looking for some sea resort where to enjoy the sea and the bright sun as well. Together with that, if you are keen on the night life and love to bust a move in the club, you should not only visit Bulgaria, but the amazing Sunny Beach resort too! This place will provide you with the summer vacation of your dreams and in addition will show you that you can have everything for less…

Do not believe? – Well, just go to Sunny Beach or learn more about this lovely resort here!

In Sunny Beach there are many hotels, restaurants and night clubs. There you can also find numerous entertainments and attractions that to make your stay really exciting. And if you’re looking for budget-friendly deals, as well as comfort and lots of fun, Sunny Beach resort must be on the top of your list!

Your holiday in Sunny Beach will be an unforgettable experience especially if you know how to have fun. Since this Bulgarian summer resort is the hottest spot along the Black Sea coast, many people visit it just to feel its incredible atmosphere, as more often the same people are young tourists.

Have a lovely summer and go to Sunny Beach!

The winter resorts of Bulgaria – which they are?

Bulgaria is a wonderful land. There you can enjoy the amazing nature, as well to visit lots of beautiful cities and villages. If you have been there and even often go to Bulgaria because you think that it is perfect for all kind of holidays, just stop reading. But if you are looking for your next winter destination and consider the possibility to spend your ski vacation in Bulgaria, stay here and learn what options you have!

If you really want to visit the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer is over and when it is time to ski, see how many suitable winter resorts there are and get informed if you will be able to spend a fulfilling holiday there! If you are curious and love to make researches before to do whatever it is, this article is just for you – interesting, giving you information about different holiday destinations and together with that inspiring you before to hit the road!!

Okay, now it’s time to tell you something about the top three of the most visited and attractive ski resorts in Bulgaria – Pamporovo, Bansko and the amazing Borovets! They are highly-developed, they are very beautiful and in the same time are very cheap ski destinations. All fans of skiing can spend an unforgettable ski holiday in any of the listed above Bulgarian winter resorts… Each of them has many ski runs, excellent ski schools and a long list of comfortable hotels offering great travel deals! So, the first you can do when the summer season is at its end (or even tomorrow) is to choice a nice hotel and to enjoy the snowy fairytale of Bansko, Pamporovo or Borovets

Take some time to watch the amazing views around the resort. They will take your breath away and you will want to take hundreds of photos – all the time and everywhere in the mountain! In addition, you can practice hiking or other exciting mountain sports – of course, if the weather conditions allow! These activities (incl. skiing) will rise your adrenaline and will make you feel relaxed and filled with lots of positive energy. Enjoy all this!

If you want to be prepared for the next ski season, do not forget what you have learned today. Always remember Bankso, Pamporovo and Bansko – they are amazing winter resorts that worth visiting! Visit them during the next winter and explore the gorgeous mountains of Bulgaria – they are very picturesque and beautiful!