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Bansko – your next ski destination!

Summer is here. – Finally! It is the season of entertainments when we go to the beach for having the next dose of summer emotions! Together with that, this is the time when all families with small or not so small kids go to holiday in order to escape from the busy daily round and to pay attention to each other… Because every summer vacation is the best time for you to do that, especially if you have busy schedule during the rest of the year!

Well, since we are crazy about all kinds of vacations, couldn’t miss the winter ones… Yes, probably you think that now it’s not the time to talk about them, because outside is hot and nobody is thinking about skiing or something. But in fact, you can you book your ski vacation even now in order to get some really amazing discounts (early bookings), as well to be calm that your family holiday on the mountain is organized and you are done with this!

Go to the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer season is gone and when you need fresh air and relaxation among the nature… Choose some of its gorgeous ski resorts (like Ski Bansko) and book a hotel room for your family. We think that if every of us book its ski vacation on time (before the peak season), will have more time for preparations and other important procedures as well.

Since we have mentioned the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko, it will be good to continue our article by telling you why you have to go there this winter and why your vacation will be one of the most unforgettable you have ever had – if you accept our proposal!

And so, the first thing you should know about the ski resort of Bansko is that it is beautiful, modern and well-developed for mountain tourism and skiing. The second thing you must never forget is that Bansko is very cheap and providing its guests with quality and varied services. In another hand, the resort is also perfect for family vacations, so if you have kids and would like to take them to some amazing place where to have lots of fun among the snow, Bansko will be the best option you have ever had!

If you love the snow, as well as to ski in the mountain – go to Bansko.

If you are looking for good travel deals and attractive discounts – go to Bansko.

If you need relaxation and more time with your beloved ones – well, go to Bansko!

The winter resorts of Bulgaria – which they are?

Bulgaria is a wonderful land. There you can enjoy the amazing nature, as well to visit lots of beautiful cities and villages. If you have been there and even often go to Bulgaria because you think that it is perfect for all kind of holidays, just stop reading. But if you are looking for your next winter destination and consider the possibility to spend your ski vacation in Bulgaria, stay here and learn what options you have!

If you really want to visit the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer is over and when it is time to ski, see how many suitable winter resorts there are and get informed if you will be able to spend a fulfilling holiday there! If you are curious and love to make researches before to do whatever it is, this article is just for you – interesting, giving you information about different holiday destinations and together with that inspiring you before to hit the road!!

Okay, now it’s time to tell you something about the top three of the most visited and attractive ski resorts in Bulgaria – Pamporovo, Bansko and the amazing Borovets! They are highly-developed, they are very beautiful and in the same time are very cheap ski destinations. All fans of skiing can spend an unforgettable ski holiday in any of the listed above Bulgarian winter resorts… Each of them has many ski runs, excellent ski schools and a long list of comfortable hotels offering great travel deals! So, the first you can do when the summer season is at its end (or even tomorrow) is to choice a nice hotel and to enjoy the snowy fairytale of Bansko, Pamporovo or Borovets

Take some time to watch the amazing views around the resort. They will take your breath away and you will want to take hundreds of photos – all the time and everywhere in the mountain! In addition, you can practice hiking or other exciting mountain sports – of course, if the weather conditions allow! These activities (incl. skiing) will rise your adrenaline and will make you feel relaxed and filled with lots of positive energy. Enjoy all this!

If you want to be prepared for the next ski season, do not forget what you have learned today. Always remember Bankso, Pamporovo and Bansko – they are amazing winter resorts that worth visiting! Visit them during the next winter and explore the gorgeous mountains of Bulgaria – they are very picturesque and beautiful!

How about the ski resort of Borovets, Bulgaria? Read more!

Hi there! Do you like our blog and the interesting articles we publish every day? Probably you expect to see more publications related to the summer season and the places you can visit when outside is hot, but actually we still did not forget about the winter destinations…

Well, although the weather is suitable for spring holidays and most people even have already started looking for its next summer destination, we continue write about amazing ski resorts where the season is still not over!

Borovets Ski

Most of the holidaymakers who love winter sports have been on a ski holiday this winter and even forgot about it… But there also are people who for some reason have not managed to go somewhere for a ski vacation and now they are trying to find a place that still welcomes late tourists. Are you one of them? Do you want to organize your yearly, ski vacation in March?

Well, whatever you say, just keep in mind that actually there is a great ski resort where you can go to experience an unforgettable, winter vacation! And if you are not very interested in our proposal, then tell your friends – some of them might want to visit the place we are going to recommend you today…

And here comes the moment to tell you what is that place – this is the incredible ski resort of Borovets, Bulgaria! It is wonderful destination that skiers from around the world visit every year and will continue doing it in the future! In Borovets there are great conditions for skiing, having fun and recreation… Every keen on the amazing winter sports will find large selection of ski runs, as if you are well-grounded in skiing will be able to enjoy excellent slopes for professionals! But not only the advanced skiers can practice ski, there also are specially designed routes for people who are off-hand and take a first-hand look at this exciting sport for the first time!

An addition to the special ski slopes for beginners in Borovets, all of you who want to learn more about this sport and its refinements, are able to visit the modern ski school. It is very good and you will be amazed by the high professionalism of all coaches! They can teach you how to ski better and will show you that everybody can be a good skier – as long as he wants!

Every ski holiday is nothing without a cozy hotel where to stay… This is very important because after a day of skiing, all of us want to relax among a pleasant environment in order to take a fulfilling rest. And if you agree with us and think that this part of your winter vacation is of most significance, then take into account that Borovets offers an incredible hotel base and you will have the chance to choose the best hotel depending to your preferences!

In Borovets there are very good restaurants too. By visiting some of them, you can enjoy an impressing atmosphere and cheerful environment. Around the area of Borovets you will find a long list of traditional establishments where you can meet the Bulgarian customs and traditions – the folklore music and dances, the amazing Bulgarian dishes and so on.

Undoubtedly, Borovets is a perfect place for every ski/winter vacation. And certainty you will spend a fulfilling, family holiday there. But if you still have some doubts regarding this resort, the only way to clear up these doubts is to visit Borovets and to see for yourself that it is worth seeing!

So, go ahead and book your vacation in Borovets now. As we said, there is still chance for you to enjoy a pleasant and in the same time very exciting ski holiday in the mountain!

Kelso First Post :: Bulgaria the top Summer/Winter Destination – See more!

The topic for holidays and tourist destinations is very popular and excites everybody. Hardly there is someone who does not love to travel or to explore different places… And when we decide to go on vacation, invariably we begin to ask many questions: where to go this time, how to organize my trip, where is the most suitable destination for me, should I spend lots of money to have a fulfilling holiday and so on. Remember to hire some cleaning help, while you are away from homeBulgaria-Winter-Summer

Although many people spend lots of money in the name of the perfect holiday for the whole family, there is always a chance to have a pleasant stay by paying less… And we are completely convinced that everyone hopes to find that place where will be able to enjoy both low prices and good conditions. Are you one of them?

These holidaymakers who are looking for beautiful destination, great travel deals and good tourist services, definitely must visit the country of Bulgaria – one of the most gorgeous lands in Europe, that is perfect for winter and summer tourism!

It is located on the Balkan Peninsula, has very mild climate and many attractive resorts that are well-developed over the years. Tourists from all over the world visit this magnificent country over and over again due to the great conditions for relaxation, the varied opportunities for having fun and, of course, the budget-friendly deals!

Bulgaria is a small country and, yes, it is actually one of the smallest in Europe at all, but this doesn’t matter considering the amazing spots, resorts, villages and old cities you will find there.winter-bulgaria-kelso

As we already said, this lovely country is highly developed for both summer and winter/mountain tourism and whenever you visit Bulgaria, won’t be disappointed… Here we would like to point out, that this month you can visit some of the gorgeous ski resorts in Bulgaria, where you will have the pleasure to embark into a real snowy adventure – Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets are the most famous ski resorts in the country where everything is just perfect… From the excellent ski slopes and lift systems to the great hotels and establishments (restaurants, bars, discos etc.), every holidaymaker will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality and diverse selection!

By visiting some of the ski resorts in Bulgaria, every keen on skiing will be able to make a choice (where to ski) depending to its personal skills. Here we consider the long list of different ski runs you will find in every of the Bulgarian’s winter resorts – all traces are divided into several categories: beginners, intermediate, advanced. So, if you are first-timer, have no experience in skiing and wish to become good at this awesome sport, be sure that you can do it!

Here the question about the prices arises once again (That is normal, right?)… While reading about the ski resorts in Bulgaria, probably you are wondering how much you should pay to spend a one- week vacation on the mountain.  Well, frankly speaking, for the locals a holiday in some of the popular ski resorts in Bulgaria is too expensive and they can’t afford it… But for all the UK tourists, the option to spend the long-waited ski vacation in Bulgaria is much, much better than to go to some other European winter destination! But why? – Don’t get us wrong and don’t think that we are trying to say that Bulgaria is the only suitable destination for skiing… But if you have not been before on a ski vacation, maybe you are not informed that Bulgaria as a winter, tourist destination is the cheapest place where you can have a great ski holiday just like in the Alps or somewhere else in Europe!

We can say the same things about the summer resorts in Bulgaria… We love them and visit them with the greatest pleasure every year. And every time we are choosing some different place to go, because the sea resorts in the country are really many and every year you can go somewhere where you have not been before…

If you have not had the good fortune to visit some of the summer destinations in Bulgaria, but dead set to do it, start with Sunny Beach resort – the biggest, the most attractive and the most famous summer destination in Bulgaria!

It is always in fashion and is constantly growing… All young people (from Bulgaria and beyond) prefer to spend their summer holidays in Sunny Beach, because it is the place that offers unlimited possibilities for having fun and great conditions for spending a relaxing summer vacation!Bulgaria-summer

There you will find so many varied hotels, that to choose only one will be very difficult task. But in the same time that is really great, because for everyone there is something and depending to your budget, you will be able to make the best choice for you and your family!

Sunny Beach is the perfect destination when it comes to night entertainments, great beaches and water sports. There are so varied things for you to do, that a one-week vacation won’t be enough…

And since we are sure that you will want to stay in Sunny Beach as long as possible, would like to say that  this place offers great travel deals allowing you to stay as long as you want for less. If you check on sunny beach - kelsothe Internet, will see that all hotels in the resort offer huge discounts for early bookings and you can even pay two times less! Don’t miss that chance and hurry up…

Far from the dynamic life in Sunny Beach, we would like to pay attention to some of the other summer resorts in Bulgaria. Of course, we cannot list them all, but will try to make easier your decision as regards to the choice of summer destination where to spend pleasant and even romantic vacation near the sea…

Sozopol, Nessebar and Golden Sands are the places that everyone remembers when it comes to a different summer vacation… All these three incredible places are on the top of our list for sea destinations. There you will find a plenty of romance, amazing energy and excellent conditions for having of full value stay with your family, beloved one or friends. Visit them and fully enjoy them!