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Branded Paper Cups – the missing part of your business

Hey there, it is been a while since we publish something that it is for all of you – the business people, the entrepreneurs and the CEOs. Today we want to cover something that we found very interesting and useful in the wide field of advertising – Branded Paper Cups.

In truth we were told by one of the best branding sites out there for this opportunity – (check them here -> , you will love their designs and work for sure). Branded paper cups are great way to advertise to your direct clients, your work partners and even for gifts to your employee. The keyword here is broad and mass awareness. Almost all of you use cups – paper or plastic (they have plastic ads too) and all of you usually drinks coffee or tea, so it is great way to slap your brand on a paper or plastic cup, so all people can spot it, right?

If you are CEO, entrepreneur of a beverage company this is a must have tool for advertising. Yes, we know it is modern to use platforms like Google, Facebook, Tweeter, but in this case it is probably not a good idea. This channel for advertising is great for e-commerce or leads, but they are not efficient for branding (especially if you are a beverage company). And yes we know it is a paper cup, but still in large quantities every day – it is an amazing tool for advertising.

We ask – the leading cup design and maker to reveal some secrets about this hidden gem. They were happy to share some of the steps that you have to make to make sure that this kind of advertising is perfect for you next big campaign.

  1. Plan your creative with us and see different views of the cups. – yes the design may look amazing on the picture but in reality it may be not so great.
  2. Be sure that you plan your quantity very good – you have to plan you purchase, if your campaign is limited in time, you must plan twice as careful. If you order way to much you lose money, if you order little … you lose potential money and clients.
  3. Content is king, have a flow up plan. Client sees the logo on the cup and what happens then? You have to have plan!

This is our take on branded paper cups for now, stay tuned for more!