End of tenancy Home Improvement

End of lease cleaning – how to do it right

Change of address – definitely a great reason to focus on the home cleanliness in details. If you are about to move out and do not know where to start from and how to proceed with the dirt in your ex-lodging, then you should call some professional cleaning company that to fully replace you in this undertaking. This way, you will be able to think about the other important things that any relocation requires.

Be smart and hire a professional cleaning company

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end lease

As long as you want best results for your ex and future home, you will find the right way to achieve this. Never forget that 21st century will provide you with countless possibilities to deal with your messy home without any problems – for less and for a short time!

Most of people think that the professional cleaning companies and the services they offer to the clients are too expensive to afford them. But that is not true because many of the firms may provide you with great discounts throughout the year. And that is something really awesome. Having into account the aforesaid facts, you have nothing to do but just to call the best cleaning company in the town in order to:

  • Remove the dirt away from the property;
  • Start clean your new life in your new home;
  • Add extra time to your busy and dynamic daily round;
  • Focus on some other things like furnishing and so.

Frankly speaking, the professional end of lease cleaning London is something you just must to do – regardless of your free time available and independently from the square footage of the property. This way, you will be able to get your deposit back in full, as well as to surprise your landlord with a perfectly clean lodging where both the freshness and the cleanliness are competing to win the attention of the inhabitants…

What procedures does this type of cleaning include

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cleaning plan

If you are wondering what will be the cleaning procedures performed when it is about end of lease cleaning, have in mind that they may be really varied, as each of them is important to the great results you are looking for:

  • High level of disinfection;
  • Cleanliness and freshness in every single room available;
  • Beauty, coziness and comfort;
  • Good hygiene in the sanitary facilities;
  • Satisfied owner and returned deposit.

Well, you may see for yourself that definitely it is worth it hire such a company for your next or present end of lease. Never forget and always keep in mind that with the help of the team of professional cleaners you will get the change seeing your ex or future home clean as never before and completely ready for living. Your free time will be multiplied by three, while you will enjoy more pleasant things like shopping, having fun, furnishing, cooking (why not), playing games with the kids, lovely moments with your beloved ones and so on.

Generally, when it comes down to end of lease, most of people book the following cleaning procedures:

  1. Bathroom and toilet cleaning;
  2. Kitchen cleaning and oven cleaning (last one is much demanded);
  3. Fridge defrosting and cleaning;
  4. Carpet, mattresses and sofa washing;
  5. Windows cleaning and floor moping;
  6. Dusting;
  7. Vacuuming;
  8. Backyard cleaning (if you live in a house);
  9. Other cleaning procedures upon request.

Every landlord may also take advantage of the professional cleaning services intended for the people who rent or give for rent lodgings. That is why you can recommend Crown Cleaners London to all your relatives, friends and acquaintance who are interested in the real estate business. This place is highly recommended and you will remain more than pleased by the list of services it will provide you with. Go ahead and do not hesitate at all…

Get your deposit back in full – to the last penny

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Very often we are not able to get our deposit back in full. Reasons for this may be very varied and different from each other, but in most cases they are related to:

  • Too dirty home;
  • Damaged furniture;
  • Failure to pay the last rent;
  • Non-compliance with the contract points;
  • Other reasons that may interfere the return of the deposit.

And so, now you understand why it is so important to hire some professional cleaning company that to perform for you your next end of lease cleaning. Or your first cleaning… Never mind. The most important thing in this case is what you are going to get after you call the team of professionals. And it is:

Benefits Minuses
More free time; More money invested (inevitably);
Less energy invested in the home cleaning; Things will not be entirely in your hands;
Amazing results for a short time; Results may not be the expected ones;
Deposit guarantee. Even with perfect performance, it is not known whether the landlord will not make a problem for something else. Hopefully not, but though.

Take a note that if you choose the right cleaning company, the minuses quoted will just disappear. Never stop believing in this and continue care for the cleanliness of your former or future home. Be a tenant for example…