Oven Cleaning

How to clean our oven property?

Oven cleaning is something which we all get to do, whether we live in a flat or a house and we are armed with various cleaning detergents. Some of us resort to using natural home-made cleaning products that are not as toxic, as the chemicals sold at the store. There are various tricks on how to tackle that grime and grease.

Here are some tips and techniques, which will help you save time and make the task a breeze.

Let’s start off with the type of cleaning products that should be used.

  • There are various cleaning products available on the market, that contain ingredients that are specifically included to cut through the grease, oil and food residue, helping to loosen up stains and making them easier to wipe away.
  • To make it easier, when choosing a cleaning product try to find one that is stored in a spray bottle, for ease of use.
  • The solution of the product is very important as well. Choose thick or foaming solutions, as they stick to the walls of the oven rather than to pool into the bottom.

Now let’s get to the equipment that will help you out to make the job easier, but also much safer.

  • Rubber gloves – Those are essential, as all cleaning detergents, whether they are made of natural ingredients or store-bought can harm the sensitive skin on your hands. Plus you really don’t want to have your hands covered in dirt and grease from the bottom of the oven, right?
  • Spoon or blunt blade – This one is best for loose or caked on food residue before attempting to clean your oven. This will simplify the task of your cleaning products to tackle the dirt and stains.
  • Paper towels – You need to make sure that you cover well the area around the oven with paper towels, as traditional solutions often become more liquefied and can easily drip outside of the oven and onto the floor.
  • Paint or toothbrush – Why? If you are using home-made products, such as paste, a wide paintbrush or toothbrush is the perfect tool for applying it. You may also find it easier to spray one area and then use the brush to cover the other hard-to-teach areas.
  • Microfiber cloth

And now to the main part: Cleaning methods and techniques

  1. Remove the shelves – if your oven has removable shelves, take them out before you start. These can be easily soaked in warm water with dishwashing liquid and wiped dry.
  2. Remove food residue – scrapping up the food residue beforehand means that your cleaning products will be more effective.
  3. Leave the product to work – Close the oven and give the product 30 minutes to work so that all the oils and chemicals in the solution break down the tough stains
  4. Scrub – Use a brush to scrub the entire area, except the heating elements, as those can be damaged. Pay attention to the problem areas, that often are the door interior and the bottom of the oven.
  5. Wipe – wipe the remains of the solution and the dirt with washable cloth.

These are some of the tips and tricks that you can use in order to make your oven fresh and clean again.