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Read This if You Want a Good Property Maintenance Firm

When it comes down to a good property maintenance firm that can streamline a lot of aspects in the management of rental property you need to do good, external research. It is good to know what services they actually provide, as a company, so you do not need to rely on external firms for it and of course the quality of the service is good enough for you.

What does a maintenance firm do?

These maintenance firms work to handle routine work around your rental property – building, complex, house or campus. These are the usually services:

  • carpentry;
  • bathroom fitting and design;
  • gardening; 
  • furniture assembly;
  • pest control;
  • painting and decorating;
  • handyman;

The main reason that these firms are so preferred is the cost-effective and flexibility of them. It is a lot cheaper to hire this company than hire a whole full-time salary maintenance staff. The other plus is that they usually have a very big team of professionals that can provide fast solutions to big problems. For example if you need to assemble furniture for 10 apartments these firms will do it in one day, having 2-3-4 teams doing it at the same time.

What are the criterias that you have to look for when hiring a maintenance firm?

It is good to have a rental maintenance checklist of the things you want the company to do. With that list you can go to different firms and get good pricing, however this is not the only thing you have to have in mind. See this recommendations also:

  • hire a local firm – if you are located in Wigan we strongly advise you to reach to Two Lions maintenance company they are the best. Why local firms? – they know the specifics in the area, also they have the best local team to handle your problems. They are probably more cost-effective than country based firm;
  • read the papers – good practice is to read the agreements, contracts and get to know the exact terms of them. If you are not good with legal matters hire one-time consultant to help you;
  • seek local recommendation – go around your complex to the other rental properties and ask who maintain the grass, who handles the pest control, etc; 
  • do not choose cheap, choose experience – this applies to everything, cheaper is not always good, in our view it is never good. You need experienced firm that will represent your needs and know what have to be done and when to do it;

These are small samples of criterias of what you need to look for, maybe we will do a separate article with all of them.