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On The Road From Glasgow To Musselburgh? Here’s What To See

Are you eager to experience more from Scotland? Looking to enjoy a day trip or weekend trip around Glasgow? The good news is that there’s so much to see and you don’t have to rely on expensive airplane tickets or other forms of transportation. Just hire a taxi from Glasgow to Musselburgh and set off to start something spontaneous and adventurous. 

Musselburgh, located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth in East Lothian, Scotland, is a quaint and charming town that is easily accessible from Glasgow. A day trip to Musselburgh can be an exciting and enjoyable experience with plenty of interesting activities and attractions to explore. In this article, we share with you some of the top things to see in Musselburgh if you’re traveling from Glasgow.

Visit the Musselburgh Racecourse

Start your day by visiting the historic Musselburgh Racecourse, one of the oldest in Britain. This course still hosts some of the most exciting horse races in Scotland today. Musselburgh Racecourse is one of Scotland’s oldest and most beloved racecourses, boasting a long and storied history. Established in 1816, the racecourse has drawn crowds from near and far to witness the thrilling events it hosts each year. From flat racing to jump racing, the variety of horse racing on offer makes Musselburgh a popular destination for a day at the races.

The atmosphere at Musselburgh Racecourse is truly unique – crowds gather in anticipation as they await the start of each race. With an unbeatable combination of stunning scenery and exciting events, it’s easy to see why people flock to this vibrant venue every year. It’s also renowned for its friendly staff who are always on hand to help guests find their way around or answer any questions.

You can get an up-close look at majestic horses as they thunder their way around this picturesque track or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll across its lush green grounds. 

Take a drive down to Fisherrow Harbour

Take a short drive down to Fisherrow Harbour where you can take a boat out onto the water for some fishing or simply admire the beautiful views of the coastline. The harbour is also home to a wealth of fascinating wildlife including gray seals, cormorants and seabirds that you can spot along your journey. Afterwards, why not sample some delicious local seafood at one of the harbourside restaurants? 

Visit the Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum

Continue your day with a visit to Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum, which offers insight into Musselburgh’s industrial past through interactive exhibits and displays. Explore this living museum’s fascinating collection which includes vintage cars, historic tools and machinery from bygone days as well as artifacts from local industries such as coal mining and shipbuilding. 

Explore the history

Afterwards, why not explore some of Musselburgh’s many intriguing historical sites? Take a walk along High Street and stop off at St Mary’s Church which dates back to 1590 or visit Pinkie House, an elegant 18th century mansion house built by John Evelyn in 1707 for his daughter Elizabeth who married Charles II’s son Lord Dalkeith. 

A dive into the world of art

Don’t miss out on seeing the many wonderful works of art located around Musselburgh either! Check out The White Hart Gallery which houses an impressive collection of contemporary Scottish artworks or visit 16th century Rosslyn Chapel where you can marvel at its intricately carved interior filled with ancient symbols and imagery. 

End your day with an afternoon tea at one of Musselburgh’s delightful traditional cafés before heading back to Glasgow feeling refreshed after spending time exploring this beautiful corner of Scotland!