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Easy and interesting – preschool could be really great

When we talk about children and rather about their education, many questions arise in the minds of every parent. They begin to wonder which kindergarten or preschool to bet on, as well as whether it is worthwhile for their child to attend a private school where everything is at a much higher level. – Or not? Choose international kindergarten in Sofia ABCKinder Care Centre and be sure that your child will be in safe hands. There you’re going to find the best conditions for preschool education and more. Check this out!

Which is the best kindergarten in Sofia for the children of English-speaking residents

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Live in Sofia and want your child to attend a renowned kindergarten? You want it to adapt quickly easily as well as to build a good friendly relationship with the other kids who also want to have fun to the fullest and learn with interest? Well, no doubt, ABCKinder Care Centre must be on the top of your list because this place is highly recommended by parents who are very responsible for their children’s education and want them to receive the best preschool training as well. In addition, this kindergarten will also offer you:

  • Modernly equipped and furnished training base;
  • A team of good professionals who apply innovative and recognized methods of training and education;
  • Daily efforts to teach your children to communicate properly with each other, as well as to improve their personal skills;
  • Special approach to each child – because each one is unique and showing different interests;
  • Complete and healthy food menu and more time spent outdoors – many of the activities are held outside to let the children breathe fresh air;
  • Calm atmosphere, friendly attitude and suitable for the little ones environment that predisposes them to show the best of themselves.

If you want all this for your child, then call ABCKinder Care Centre and arrange an appointment to visit the site and discuss the terms with the director as well. At a later stage comes the need to submit the documents, as well as the payment of the one-time registration fee.

For whom a private kindergarten ABC Kinder Care Centre is suitable

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Bulgaria is home to many English-speaking diplomats, businessmen or just people who love this country. This develops a new market niche, namely the offering of appropriate training tailored to their needs. ABCKinder Care Centre is a private kindergarten that is distinguished by an extremely good reputation which numerous satisfied customers can confirm. You will certainly not regret it if you decide to have your child visit this place where he or she will find:

  • Many new friends;
  • Numerous opportunities for expression and development of skills;
  • A chance to develop its talents – singing, painting, artistry, etc.;
  • Cozy and comfortable environment that will make him feel completely calm even when he is away from his parents;
  • Happy moments, unforgettable emotions and a special attitude.

Now you know where to go to provide your children with an excellent pre-school education that will give them a good start in school and life in general. Take advantage of this opportunity and be sure that you will get the best service that will be in tune with your child’s educational needs.

Book now and enjoy excellent results tomorrow. Your child will be in safe hands with ABCKinder Care Centre where a team of professionals are ready to make sure that the little ones feel calm and confident throughout the learning process and not only. Our locations are ABC Lozenetz, ABC Buntovnik and ABC Dragalevtsi. For meetings contact the kindergarten team to discuss what excites you.