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School Cleaning Service in London

Hey there, today we will cover one of the new services of VIP Cleaning London Company – school cleaning service. This company provides a full spectrum of janitorial and maintence services and as they mention in their site it is an honor to this kind of job.

Cleaning the school is quite hard and it takes a lot of experience in the professional cleaning field. This service will help everyone that work or study there to be focused and develop the skill and knowledge that he needs. The parents will be happy to if the school that teaches their child is clean and shine, after all they pay huge amount of school taxes for their kids to develop well and learn new and exciting things about life. Every parent wants their kid to be prepared for the real life and that preparation is done mostly at school.

The advantage that this company provides is simple – they use only highly trained and skilled cleaners, with years’ worth of experience and when they finish with the tasks that they are assign to, they will issued a DBS document for quality and your own insurance for the job well done!

As their own site pointed out there are three kinds of school cleaning services:

  1. Deep School Cleaning Service
  2. After Builders School Cleaning Service
  3. One Off School Cleaning Service

If you choose Vip cleaning London (why not, right?) it is good to send them more information about the school itself, this will help the company to calculate and give good offer for the service.  The kind of school doesn’t matter quite, you may have Nursery School or High School they will clean everything.

The other thing to have in mind is when you order this kind of service is when the cleaning will perform. We strongly recommend you to choose after the end of the school day, not during the school hours with all the kids running around. Yet still if it is an emergency with Vip Cleaning London Company the same school day is an option.

Here are the prices for a regular cleaning service:


Thanks for the attention and that you choose us to be your ambassador of the school cleaning tips and tricks.

All best!