Bulgaria Winter Holidays

How about the ski resort of Borovets, Bulgaria? Read more!

Hi there! Do you like our blog and the interesting articles we publish every day? Probably you expect to see more publications related to the summer season and the places you can visit when outside is hot, but actually we still did not forget about the winter destinations…

Well, although the weather is suitable for spring holidays and most people even have already started looking for its next summer destination, we continue write about amazing ski resorts where the season is still not over!

Borovets Ski

Most of the holidaymakers who love winter sports have been on a ski holiday this winter and even forgot about it… But there also are people who for some reason have not managed to go somewhere for a ski vacation and now they are trying to find a place that still welcomes late tourists. Are you one of them? Do you want to organize your yearly, ski vacation in March?

Well, whatever you say, just keep in mind that actually there is a great ski resort where you can go to experience an unforgettable, winter vacation! And if you are not very interested in our proposal, then tell your friends – some of them might want to visit the place we are going to recommend you today…

And here comes the moment to tell you what is that place – this is the incredible ski resort of Borovets, Bulgaria! It is wonderful destination that skiers from around the world visit every year and will continue doing it in the future! In Borovets there are great conditions for skiing, having fun and recreation… Every keen on the amazing winter sports will find large selection of ski runs, as if you are well-grounded in skiing will be able to enjoy excellent slopes for professionals! But not only the advanced skiers can practice ski, there also are specially designed routes for people who are off-hand and take a first-hand look at this exciting sport for the first time!

An addition to the special ski slopes for beginners in Borovets, all of you who want to learn more about this sport and its refinements, are able to visit the modern ski school. It is very good and you will be amazed by the high professionalism of all coaches! They can teach you how to ski better and will show you that everybody can be a good skier – as long as he wants!

Every ski holiday is nothing without a cozy hotel where to stay… This is very important because after a day of skiing, all of us want to relax among a pleasant environment in order to take a fulfilling rest. And if you agree with us and think that this part of your winter vacation is of most significance, then take into account that Borovets offers an incredible hotel base and you will have the chance to choose the best hotel depending to your preferences!

In Borovets there are very good restaurants too. By visiting some of them, you can enjoy an impressing atmosphere and cheerful environment. Around the area of Borovets you will find a long list of traditional establishments where you can meet the Bulgarian customs and traditions – the folklore music and dances, the amazing Bulgarian dishes and so on.

Undoubtedly, Borovets is a perfect place for every ski/winter vacation. And certainty you will spend a fulfilling, family holiday there. But if you still have some doubts regarding this resort, the only way to clear up these doubts is to visit Borovets and to see for yourself that it is worth seeing!

So, go ahead and book your vacation in Borovets now. As we said, there is still chance for you to enjoy a pleasant and in the same time very exciting ski holiday in the mountain!