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Top 2019 bathroom design trends

or you tend to change only the bathroom look in 2019:

  1. My extra modern high-tech bathroom

Because today’s life is too busy and too technological to miss a freelance project or an e-mail from your boss, while you are having a relaxation bath time, right? This bathroom design trend, though, is not just another ultra-contemporary set of innovative shower or sinks gadgets in a minimalism style. On the contrary – this trend comes with bright colors as accents and a large variety of “living zones” in screaming shades.

  1. The compromise between the small size and the luxury touch

Bathrooms have got quite modified these days. At one hand, we’ve got extremely large bathrooms, but on the other side, the rest of them are truly small. This bathroom design trend is devoted to the small size premises, where you, though mix the soft materials and lots of wooden or marble pieces to accent on the luxurious bathroom experience.

  1. And the winner for the top bathroom design color is…

The millennial pink! We love it as it isn’t only soft, elegant and welcoming for lots of amazing combos in your bathroom furnishing project. It’s also a very warm shade that brings you that amazing sense of relaxation you are actually looking for when you are in the bathroom. Hence, don’t underestimate another bathroom design trend that’s quite specific for 2019 year – the prolongation of the overall home interior design into the bathroom design. We mean, if you count on purple and blue (for instance) in your home design, it’s better for your bathroom to stand out with cool purple tiles or to get a charming yellow concept.

  1. And now, that we’ve already mentioned the tiles…

Note that the 2019 bathroom designs come with 3D, but simple or just artistic, but in neutral shades tiles you will fall in love with when seeing them in a mixture with great textiles in white and blue.