Bulgaria Summer Holidays

Why to go to Bulgaria this summer?

Summer is our favorite season. Not only because of the many opportunities for having fun, but due to the many travel deals for holidays at sea too… Whenever you click, will see budget-friendly hotel offers, lots of amazing tourist programs and some beautiful picturies of unknown destinations inviting you to go there and to explore them! – Sounds very familiar, isn’t?

If you love the summer season too, if you do not want the winter to come and even are ready to go somewhere for a month just to extend the summer season, then you are a real holiday lover! We are sure that you can and will do all that we have mentioned and we fully understand you! Because we would do all that too and today are going to advise which destinations to visit in order to enjoy a hot summer in September!

Go to Bulgaria – the land of aromatic roses and nice people. A land of picturesque nature, breathtaking sunsets and many old villages that will take you into another world. The place where you can go for ski, where you can have an excellent family vacation somewhere along the Black Sea coast and where you can get inspired just by watching in the distance…

Today we want to pay attention to the summer tourism in Bulgaria, because the season is far from its end and people from all over the world continue visiting this country. Note that you are able to spend a fulfilling family/solo holiday in Bulgaria till the end of September/mid-October! – Very long tourist season, right?

st. vlas

The first place we would like to present today is St. Vlas (st vlas holidays) – one of the most visited and attractive summer resorts along the Black Sea coast. The place where you can have fun, relax on the beach and to bust a move in some disco after dinner. This is the European sea resort that will impress you with its luxury hotels, impressing Yacht port and beautiful boats located there. Go there if you want the touch the “shiny” life in Bulgaria and take lots of photos!

St. Vlas has very nice location. You can found the city in southeastern Bulgaria, as the amazing combination of nature, sea and mountain make this place for being one of the most preferred Bulgarian summer destination! If you choose St. Vlas for your yearly family vacation will be able to enjoy peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Near the city is located the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, so visit it and see what a dynamic life means!

Since we have mentioned the mountains of Bulgaria, would like to tell you more about them and why you can have a perfect summer vacation there! Even that you won’t be able to go to the beach when in some of the Bulgarian mountains, will have many more opportunities for relaxation and having fun as well! Learn what they are and stay here!

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The first thing you have to know when it comes to summer holidays among the nature is that these types of vacations will give you quite different sensation! You can breathe fresh air; you can see many remarkable small villages and in addition – will have the chance to touch the history of Bulgaria! Have in mind that in almost every mountain town there are lots of cultural sights that will strongly impress you. And if you’re curious and inquisitive to learn more about Bulgaria and to see the best of the country as well, forget about the sea and go right to the mountains of Bulgaria!

One of the most beautiful mountains in this lovely land is Rhodope Mountains! Rich in many fairy lakes, rivers, mysterious eco-paths and ancient villages, this area will make you feel like you’re in paradise! Do not forget about the caves… In Rhodope Mountains they are just as many as the stunning landscapes and sights. Visit some of them and find a real pleasure while walking through the tunnels of the caves. For example, you can visit the Yagodina cave that is located in the Village of Yagodina – an amazing place for you to go!

dospat dam lake

If you love the dams and more than everything love to watch them and even to ride a boat on the dam, visit Dospat dam that is one of the biggest ponds of this type in Bulgaria! There are many cozy villas where you can stay surrounded by picturesque nature, dense forests and breathtaking views of the majestic hills! Note that near Dospat dam there is a long eco-path you can explore and that will take you to the top of the mountain from where you can watch the village and the dam as well. Be sure that you have never seen such a view so far. Enjoy it!

Back to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria there is the biggest resort of Bulgaria – Sunny Beach resort! – The most dynamic, the most attractive summer resort and the center of the night life too! Yes, this is what we can say about Sunny Beach resort! There you can book a great hotel, can dine in good restaurants and to have fun in some modern night bar! There you can do whatever you want and even more. You can do things you have never imagined that even exist… Welcome in Sunny Beach resort – the hottest spot in Bulgaria!

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If you want to visit the mountain during the winter season but now to fully enjoy the hot summer, we highly recommend you to go to Sunny Beach resort! There is cheap, there are many great accommodations and friendly people. There you can have the perfect family vacation, as if you are on a holiday with your kids, note that there are many entertainments especially for them! They will spend a funny time while in Sunny Beach, as you will be the best parent for them in all cases!

Sunny Beach is the best summer resort according to many independent rakings. From the variety of hotels to the low prices, Sunny Beach resort offers all that every tourist may want. The food is testy, the customer service is excellent, while the ways of entertainments as just as many as the hotels! Enjoy Sunny Beach and hurry up!

Enjoy the magnificent Bulgaria!