Bulgaria Winter Holidays

The winter resorts of Bulgaria – which they are?

Bulgaria is a wonderful land. There you can enjoy the amazing nature, as well to visit lots of beautiful cities and villages. If you have been there and even often go to Bulgaria because you think that it is perfect for all kind of holidays, just stop reading. But if you are looking for your next winter destination and consider the possibility to spend your ski vacation in Bulgaria, stay here and learn what options you have!

If you really want to visit the lovely country of Bulgaria when the summer is over and when it is time to ski, see how many suitable winter resorts there are and get informed if you will be able to spend a fulfilling holiday there! If you are curious and love to make researches before to do whatever it is, this article is just for you – interesting, giving you information about different holiday destinations and together with that inspiring you before to hit the road!!

Okay, now it’s time to tell you something about the top three of the most visited and attractive ski resorts in Bulgaria – Pamporovo, Bansko and the amazing Borovets! They are highly-developed, they are very beautiful and in the same time are very cheap ski destinations. All fans of skiing can spend an unforgettable ski holiday in any of the listed above Bulgarian winter resorts… Each of them has many ski runs, excellent ski schools and a long list of comfortable hotels offering great travel deals! So, the first you can do when the summer season is at its end (or even tomorrow) is to choice a nice hotel and to enjoy the snowy fairytale of Bansko, Pamporovo or Borovets

Take some time to watch the amazing views around the resort. They will take your breath away and you will want to take hundreds of photos – all the time and everywhere in the mountain! In addition, you can practice hiking or other exciting mountain sports – of course, if the weather conditions allow! These activities (incl. skiing) will rise your adrenaline and will make you feel relaxed and filled with lots of positive energy. Enjoy all this!

If you want to be prepared for the next ski season, do not forget what you have learned today. Always remember Bankso, Pamporovo and Bansko – they are amazing winter resorts that worth visiting! Visit them during the next winter and explore the gorgeous mountains of Bulgaria – they are very picturesque and beautiful!