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Sozopol, Bulgaria – sun, sea and romance… See more!

Are you fans of the summer holidays or prefer the winter ones? Do you love to feel the sea breeze or you like the snowy entertainments more? And what kind of vacation you want to organize when outside is hot and the sun is strong and scoring – on the mountain (among the nature) or along the seashore? Are you faced with a dilemma when it comes to summer holidays…?

Well, some people love the rural tourism and the mountain vacations more than the holidays at the seaside and there is nothing wrong with this! Everybody has the right to go wherever he wants and that is why there are so many destinations/resorts in Europe – sea resorts, mountain resorts and small villages that are developed for rural tourism…

But we are not holidaymakers who want to miss the holiday at sea and if you are one of us, see where you can experience the summer vacation of your dreams and where you can find not only varied summer entertainments, but lots of romance too!

Holiday in Sozopol 2017

The city of Sozopol in Bulgaria is the place that we visit very often and attend to visit it this summer once again… It impress us so much every time when we go there that sometimes we are wondering if it is possible to stop visiting Sozopol at all! This city is all that we want, all that we need and all that we are looking for when it comes to summer breaks. There we spend not only filled with lots of summer emotions vacations, but also relaxing and even romantic stays too. Sozopol is an ancient city and you will notice this even in the very beginning while going into the town… And tell us then, that you do not like Sozopol – we do not know such a holidaymaker who does not love this place and probably you do not know too :).

If you have some doubts about Sozopol as a summer destination (is it beautiful enough, are there various entertainments, and hotels, and restaurants…), stop wondering and take a look at the hundreds of pictures on the Internet! Yes, we know that this is quite insufficiently for you to get an idea about Sozopol, but still you can see a bit of what to expect when you arrive in Sozopol…

This adorable place is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and Europe as well. There you can feel the energy of the distant past in combination with the romantic atmosphere that is surrounding you literally from everywhere! You can make long walks around the sea coast while enjoying the wonderful Black Sea and why not some picturesque sunset… Take the hand of your beloved one and enjoy together that beautiful and inspiring scenery!

In Sozopol there are many great hotels that will meet your needs and that will satisfy any taste. You are able to choose between cozy quest houses or luxury 5-star hotels… Even you can stay in some family house where the owners rent their rooms for tourists. Depending to your family budget, you will decide what the best for you is and what you can afford. In any cases, you won’t be disappointed and we can guarantee that being in Sozopol you will spend a pleasant and unforgettable summer holiday – independently from the accommodation you have chosen and no matter if you travel solo or with your family! – Or maybe with friends… 🙂

Trust us and be one of us – holidaymakers who are crazy about the city of Sozopol and who visit it not only when outside is summer, but when it is spring or autumn too. The city is beautiful at any time of year, but during the summer… Well, during the summer is just heavenly – go there and see for yourself!!